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User Interface


Surplus power charging of EV via ABL eMH1 wallbox

  • Charge current set point as function of actual PV power supply and home power demand.
  • Limitation of charge current to protect tarife fuse
  • Switching of single phase and tripple phase charging to minimize power drain to grid.
  • Communication with Wallbox ABL eMH1 via RS 485 and MODBUS ASCII
  • Communication with Inverter Huawei SUN 2000 6TKL via MODBUS TCP
  • Power measurement with current transducers and Raspberry Pi 8 channel A/D converter
  • On/Off control and switching of phase count (single/tripple phase charging) with AC contactors and relais  board

In the lines at the bottom of the picture:

  • the remaining PV yield from the day and the next day
  • the daily procurement costs and feed-in yields as well as the average prices including grid fees and taxes
  • the current purchase- and feed-in prices including grid fees and taxes, as well as the current price level between the most expensive and cheapest tariff of the day.

The sliders indicate:

  • the target and actual SOC of the vehicle connected to the wall box

Electricity Cost Forecast Window

  • The green bars show the net electricity price for each hour
  • The light blue bars the electricity price with taxes and grid fees (gross price)
  • The dark blue bars show the gross price devalued by the ratio (PV output/
    average power requirement of the HP), this variable (HP price) is used
    to control the HP (increase/decrease of the flow temperature in relation
    to the current HP price to the daily average of the WP price;
    • Electricity price data from aWatter API,
    • PV performance forecast from API by Externer Link wird in einem neuen Tab oder Fenster geöffnetwww.solcast.com

Car Commuincation Window

  • SOC and range indication
  • Setting of SOC target
  • option to operate the stationary air conditioning
  • API to Volkswagen WeConnect
Car charging options:
  • Surplus PV power w/ priority car
  • Surplus PV power w/ priority home battery
  • Grid power at lowest hourly price

Monthly and daily evaluation of energy data

Usage of home battery:
  • Storage of surplus PV energy
  • Storage of low cost grid power


Raspberry Python Script

Python Script
How to Communicate with ABL eMH1 via MODBUS